Tooling & Spare parts

Swaging Essentials

Torrington’s mission is simple: To assist our clients from start to finish with their forming needs. 

Delivering on this promise requires the utmost quality in material and designs. This is why our philosophy is to design everything in-house and selectively source our material within a proven supplier base.

Torrington’s engineering team is standing by to help you with new machines, spare parts and/or tooling.

We aim to build solid and long lasting relationships with our clients by putting them first.

Swager Tooling

TFM’s swaging technology relies advanced tooling desing and decades of experience. Our tools are specifically designed for each application and meet the tightest tolerances in the industry. 

Tooling for swagers includes swaging dies, mandrels and inside stops. Special materials are available for even longer tool life. 

Torrington machines are built to allow die change within a few minutes. New die designs are tested in-house to guarantee the the results and performance.

Swager Spare Parts

The key component to a successful swaging process is preventive maintenance. Since swaging is a hammering process, some of the working parts are subject to wear over time and need to be replaced. Here are the main working parts that need to be regulaly over time for optimal machine performance:


Feeder & Accessories Spare Parts

Our feeders also incorporate parts that will eventually need to be replaced. Special care is taken in the design and manufacture of this category of tooling to ensure that they do not damage or alter the quality of the swaged product when handling it, both before and after the actual swaging operation takes place.

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