The Medical Industry

The medical industry is constanlty innovating and finding new ways to cure and help us. These new technologies often rely on ultra precise « nano » instruments to do the work, which are a perfect match for TFM’s swagers. We’ve built a number of solutions able to meet very tight tolerances that our clients use to manufacuture surgical needles, hypodermic catheters and marker bands.

Realisation Marker band positioning cell

Swaging 0.068″ metal marker bands on a plastic core? Yes, it is possible with Torrington machines. Each core contained one or two bands, all of which were positioned within 0.0015″ accuracy.

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Realisation Micro Needle Swaging

This project demonstrates the entire arsenal of skills Torrington has to offer. Our team of engineers was able to successfully swage needles as small as 0.004” with no cracks. A video showing this machine in action is available at the following link.

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Realisation SS Steel Tube Swaging

This setup is composed of a Torrington No. 211 stationary-spindle (SS) swager with a semi-automatic feeder.  This combination of swager/feeder is frequenlty used to produce hypodermic catheters (as in the video), needles or cannulae.


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Realisation Suture Needles Production

This project is a good example of how our team can leverage learnings from one industry to build a unique machine for another. This surgical suture needle production line was inspired by our work on automotive production lines.

Here, three needles are active on the line simultaneously and each will be formed three times: twice at the core and once at the tip. The whole line is fully automated.

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