Rotary Swager

The rotary swager, TFM’s first design, is the most widely utilized configuration. It is used to reduce the cross-section of tubes and bars to a predetermined profile. Rotary swagers are available in both 2-die and 4-die configurations and can accomodate multiple diameters (1/16″ to 3.5″)

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Operating Principle

The animation shows the operating principle of a rotary swager. The motorized spindle is slotted in order to hold the backers and the dies in place. 

The spindle pushes the backers over the rollers, thus delivering the hammering force. In the rotary swaging process, the head is fixed and the spindle rotates.

Machine Specifications

Rotary swager can be supplied in 2-die or 4-die configurations. The optimal configuration will be suggested based on your requirements. Through our innovation efforts, we are now able to also offer « hot » swaging with parts reaching temperatures of over 1500°C.


Multiple applications

Whether you need high precision or larger industrial applications, TFM’s swagers stand ready to help:

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