The Energy Industry

In today’s world, one of the greatest debate is around climate change and its impact on our planet. More and more companies, especially in manufacturing, are considering the transition to renewable energy to help reduce their carbon footprint. 

At Torrington, we believe the best way to help is to help those who power our world. We deployed significant efforts to convert our machines to fully electric therefore removing the need for cooling fluids, hydraulic systems, etc. Our clients are now able to produce parts for their sectors – power generation and transmission, temperature control, HVAC – with a reduced footprint.


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Realisation 15″ Taper Semi-Automatic Swaging

This rotary swager was custom built to form a long taper in electrical connectors. The application required swaging a 15” long taper on both sides of a 36” aluminum tube. In addition, the machine had to be completely enclosed within a sound enclosure to keep the noise level to an acceptable level of 85 dB maximum, in compliance with the OSHA standards.

Realisation Inclined 436 Swager

This video shows another application in electrical power transmission. In this case, given that each tube held a set of components internally, the machine (over 3700 lbs) needed to be mounted on a 15 deg inclined base. This slope prevented the components from falling outside. The final product, cable connectors, serves to connect sections of high tension electrical lines together.

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Realisation Nuclear Solid Rods Swaging

This last video shows a semi-automatic system, with an electrical feeder and extractor, used to produce components for nuclear powerplants. This project was a retrofit of an existing machine to remove the previous hydraulic power system and replace it with an electric one.

The machine swaged solid rods over their entire length and is the first to feature our new shock absorbing mechanism. It minimizes vibrations on the system and increases stability throughout the entire process.

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