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Seeking perfection
in metal forming

Torrington Forming Machinery’s reputation of excellence has been 100+ years in the making. Since 1865, our machines are manufactured to the highest quality standards and able to meet tolerances down to a thousandth of an inch.

What is Cold Forming… and what are its benefits

Swaging and Cold Forming benefits

Now more than ever, the manufacturing world is looking to transition towards renewable energy and increase its sustainability. Torrington Forming Machiney (TFM) has embarked on this journey long ago by converting all its equipment to fully-electrical systems. In addition, the cold forming process has the benefit of generating zero material waste, therefore helping you achieve your sustainability goals while reducing your costs.

ReduceD material usage
Increased strength
REFINED Precision
SHORTER cycle times
Fewer operations
Easier to automate
Lower costs

The leader in cold forming

More than a century of equipment-making experience

For more than a century, TFM’s top priorities were always to create reliable designs, innovate and ensure that only the highest quality materials were used for its machines. We’re proud to say that our components are 100% sourced in North America. This combination of engineering excellence and robust material sourcing has enabled TFM to become the world’s benchmark in cold forming.

Automation & Systems

Fully adapted solutions

TFM can tailor its equipments to suit each of our clients’ needs, from basic « bench » machines to fully-automated complex production lines. All our machines are built via a modular concept enabling us to deliver « turnkey » products to our clients.

Our Industries

The complete process you need for
your application

Our products and technology are currently serving in multiple industries, often as key components of our clients production lines. TFM’s machines are present in Automotive, Aerospace, Utilities, Medical,  Civil engineering (e.g., HVAC, plumbing), Consumer Goods (e.g., textile, electronics, appliances, furniture) and many others.

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