Automation & Systems

Fully adapted solutions

TFM’s team will deliver a solution that is customized to your needs, from a standalone machine to a fully automated production line. In order to offer maximum flexibility to our clients, all our machines are designed using a modular concept. Each module (machine, feeder, magazine, extractor) can be automated to the level you require.

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Automatic Swagers

Looking at swagers in particular, TFM offers 3 levels of automation:

  • Manual: Although not automated per se, this level includes a variety of tooling and accessories designed to help the operator in his tasks. These manual feeders will improve the precision and repeatability of the operations while minimizing the force transmitted to the operator.
  • Semi-automatic: These systems require the operator to load and unload the part at each cycle, but feeding the material in the machine is automated.
  • Fully automatic: These are hands-off systems. The operator is only required to load a magazine with the raw material. All subsequent handling, including unloading the finished part, is taken care of by the machine.

Automatic Machines

In addition to swagers, the rest of TFM's product portfolio can also be automated to suit our clients' needs.

Our company is committed to working towards a sustainable future and as such, the vast majority of our automation systems are powered by electric and pneumatic systems. These solutions are more environmentally friendly than the previous technologies that relied on hydraulic systems. In addition to being « green », these systems are also easier to maintain and less costly, without sacrifcing the robustness and durability that TFM is known worldwide for.

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