Our Swager Machines

« Swaging » is a metal forming method by which the cross section of a tube, bar or wire is reduced to another specific cross-section of predetermined shape and dimension.

Torrington’s rotary swager is used to form a circular cross-section material into a smaller circular cross-section material. 

Reduction starts from one end of the part and occurs over a specific length or the entire length of the part. We offer a vast range of different sizes of rotary swagers to accomodate multiple material & diamaters (1/16″ to 3.5″)

Torrington’s rotary swager is also used to form a circular cross-section material into a smaller circular cross-section material. 

However, a special mechanism allows the reduction to happen anywhere on the part, without having to start on one end of the part. It is also used for creating mechanical assemblies.

Torrington’s stationary-spindle swager is used to obtain a formed part with a non-circular cross-section.

The part may or may not be of circular cross-section before forming. Reduction happens from one end of the part for a determined length, or the entire part can be swaged.

Torrington’s swagers are extremely durable, but will require OEM spare parts after extended use

Consequently, we provide our clients with spares parts & maintenance services as needed.

A swager converts kinetic energy into forming forces that are applied radially by the dies to the workpiece with short strokes at a high frequency. 

For materials having high tensile stengths, it is recommended that the reduction be done at elevated temperatures. Hot swaging is useful for very steep tapers on both tubular and solid work and where long tapers and large reductions are required. Some metals such as tungsten and certain brazing materials can only be swaged hot. Special machines with water-cooled heads and components made from heat-resistant alloys are available for hot swaging.

Options & Accessories

Each swager can be equipped with optional features to meet specifics productions needs:

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