Torrington Industries

Over the years, TFM continued to innovate and refine its technologies to meet the ever-evolving needs of our clients. Our machines are known to be the benchmark in cold-forming applications and as such, we are able to serve multiple industries including, but not limited to, Medical, Energy, Aerospace and Automotive. 

The medical insdustry is all about « micro » precision and ever-evolving technologies. We’re proud to be a trusted partner of many industry leading medical equipment manufacturers (e.g., sutures, e-cap)

TFM has a long history in the automotive business. We’ve long been a leading supplier of steering columns and powertrain for the largest automotives OEMs.

The diversity of products in the aerospace industry is well-suited for the experience and know-how developed by Torrington over the last 150 years.

The continued electrication of our world requires more advanced equipment to support it. That is why we’ve developed specficic swaging applications to support this industry.

In addition to the industries mentioned before, TFM’s machines are used in multiple other industries such as hydraulics, textiles, agriculture, mining and defense.

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