Tooling & Spare Parts

End forming Essentials

Torrington’s mission is simple: To assist our clients from start to finish with their forming needs. 

Delivering on this promise requires the utmost quality in material and designs. This is why our philosophy is to design everything in-house and selectively source our material with a proven supplier base.

Torrington’s engineering team is standing by to help you with any new machines, spare parts and/or tooling.

We aim to build solid, long lasting relationship with our clients by putting them first.

Vaill End Formers Tooling

Torrington Forming Machinery’s end forming technologies rely on a dedicated tooling design. Our tools are designed specifically for each application and meet the finest tolerances in the industry. The elements of tooling for Vaill end-forming include dies, mandrels, punches, and clamp blocks.

Vaill End Formers Spare Parts

The key component to a successful in-line forming process is preventive maintenance. Since the Vaill process includes multiple linear movements, which generate a lot of friction, a number of working parts are subject to normal wear over time. 


For hydraulic units, the parts listed below are the most commonly replaced ones due normal wear. Timely replacement of these components will ensure an optimal machine performance:


In addition to the parts listed for hydraulic systems, the pneumatic systems will require to change these parts as well:

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