Industry General

In addition to the four main industries highligthed previoulsy, TFM’s equipment is also used in multiple other manufacturing areas such as, but not limited to, hydraulics, textiles, agriculture, mining and military.

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Realisation Hydraulic Motor Pistons

This video show a Torrington #434DC die-closing swager, equipped with a semi-automatic feeder, used to swage the piston heads over the spherical tip of the piston bodies to form a completed hydraulic motor component. The die-closing swager technology allows the feeder and the part support mounted
inside the swager to properly position the body and the cap. Once swaged, a perfect spherical joint is achieved.

Realisation Cold swaging of tungsten rods

TFM’s machines can also withstand very heavy duty applications. For example, our 1047 rotary swager can swage bars up to 1 3/8″ in diameter and 3 1/2″ for tubes. 

This video showcases a special version of the 1047 in which the head and spindle rotate in opposite directions. This configuration allows the reduction of forces felt by the part while keeping the same number of forming strokes. This innovation was required given the low ductility of the material at hand, Tungsten.

This machine also came equipment with semi-automatic feeder and extractor which could accomodate bars up to 2 feet long.

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