Vaill End Forming

Vaill forming was developped at Torrington in the 1940’s primarily to meet the evolving needs of the automotive industry. The machine is named after the lead engineer of the team who developped it. 

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Operating Principle

The animation shows the operating principle of a straight in-line Vaill end forming machine. The part is held in place by a clamp block while the dies are pushed in or over the workpiece to form its end.

Forming lengths and diameters can easily be adjusted via multiple cylinder strikes and/or work piece positioning.

Since no rotation is involved, non-symmetrical and other sophisticated shapes are possible, including inside/outside simultaneous tube forming.

Machine Specifications

TFM’s end forming machines are specifically designed and recognized for their high productivity and longevity, making them valuable assets to our clients’ operations. 

Vaill end formers were designed to support both high production rate and severe forming forces. These machines come in 2 broad configurations:

  • Pneumatic: high production rates
  • Hydraulic: high forming forces

Vaills can be equipped with up to 4 forming station, enabling them to deliver production rates of up to 1500 parts per hour (depending on material and geometry)

Multiple applications

Whether you need high volume production application or heavier industrial applications, Torrington Vaill end formers stand by ready to help:

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