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TFM offers a broad range of products and services. Our machines fall under 3 distinct categories, each powered by different technologies and with their own applications:

  • Swagers
  • Vaill End Forming
  • Push Pull
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Machinery & Products

« Swaging » is a metal forming method by which the cross section of a tube, bar or wire is reduced to another specific cross-section of predetermined shape and dimension.

A swager converts kinetic energy into forming forces that are applied radially by the dies to the workpiece with short strokes and a high frequency. 

This process must not be confused with crimping (or segmented swaging) or pointing, two different metal forming processes which cannot achieve the same high accuracy or surface quality of the swaging process.

Vaill End Forming

Machinery & Products

Contrary to Swaging, end forming uses axial forming forces to shape the end of a tube or bar. During the operation, the workpiece is held in place by a clamp block and a set of dies is pushed over the end of the material to shape it as required. The formed length and the end shape (reduction, expansion, beading, flanging, flaring, etc.) are all determined during the process design.


Push Pull

Machinery & Products

The forming via « Push Pull » is a new and proprietary method developed by Torrrington Forming Machinery. Based on the vaill end-forming principle, this process distinguishes itself by the removal of the clamp block and, along with it, the forming force limitation due to gripping strength of the block. 

This process was initially designed for the multi-station, high output prodcution of the automotive industry, but was also deployed in the medical equipment field.

Torrington Forming Machinery can provide you with the complete process you need for your application.
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