Push Pull machine

Tailored for automotive production

Builiding on its tradition of innovation, TFM developped this new and unique forming method that is perfectly adapted for tubes. 

Compared to traditional Vaill end forming, Push Pull does not require a clamp block, therefore removing multiple constraints (e.g., clamping force of the block) and unlocking new forming possibilities.

Push Pull forming is most commonly deployed on multi-station fully automatic high volume production lines like those used in the automotive industry.

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Operating principle

Push Pull is a Torrington Forming Machinery Inc. proprietary process. It is mainly used to perform external and internal splines with unparalleled precision, up to 0.0002″. The most common use for Push Pull lines is the production steering and power transmission components in the automotive industry

The adjacent video shows a Push Pull station in action, while the picture below illustrates what a finished product looks like.

Why Torrington?

If you are searching for ways to improve efficiency and cut production costs while achieving greater precision with unfailing consistency, the Push Pull method is the answer. Push Pull lines are made up of multiple stations and each station can be re-tooled to accomodate new parts. 

This modularity and retooling flexibility makes a Push Pull line a worthy investments.

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Multiple Applications

Specifially tailored for high volume production lines, our push-pull forming station stand by ready to help.

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