The Aerospace Industry

TFM’s cold forming machines have benefited from a sterling reputation in the aerospace industry for a long time. Our clients use both swager and vaill end formers:

  • Swagers (Rotary and DC): This technoglogy is particularly well-suited for MS/AN terminals fitting assemblies and thermocouples.
  • Vaills: Used to manufacture a variety of conduits with different section reductions and expansions
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Realisation Thermocouples Swaging

Given the high demand for thermocouples in aerospace, TFM developped a standard modular system able to swage them. The system is adaptable to different part lengths and includes a semi-automatic feeder & extractor to enable full-part swaging.

The video presents the system and features our « Roll feeder ». This special feeder was built to swage temperature sensing elements for airplanes. A short blank thermocouple is swaged multiples times to increase its length at each step. 

If required, the machine can also be made fully-automatic to support even greater production volumes.

Realisation Cables Assembly

The following picture shows the resulting products of a standard Torrington model 322DC that was manufactured for swaging standard MS/AN fittings on cables for a major aircraft company.

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