Seeking perfection in metal forming
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Expertise & Turnkey

Torrington Forming Machinery specialises in turnkey projects. Torrington Forming Machinery will take in charge its clients’ projects from the very beginning until the complete realisation of the project. Furthermore, Torrington Forming Machinery offers a multitude of services such as refurbishment of used equipment, extended maintenance programs to assure a great customer service as well as engineering consulting services.

TurnKey Engineering and Process Development

Torrington Forming Machinery can provide you with the complete process you need for your application, including all the machinery, tooling and accessories required. Torrington Forming Machinery may also support the production of parts in addition to designing the process. The optimization of an existing process is possible as well.

Torrington Turn Key Project

Maintenance and Refurbishment

MaintenanceTorrington Forming Machinery offers an extended maintenance program on all of its products. Torrington Forming Machinery offers a refurbishment service for old or damaged equipment, regardless of if it has been bought from Torrington Forming Machinery or elsewhere.


Need advice on forming methods, part production, problems with your equipment, or any other situation? Torrington Forming Machinery offers a consulting service over the phone or in person by sending a representative at your place of work, if required.