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Tooling and Spare Parts


Torrington Forming Machinery’s end forming technologies rely on a dedicated design of the tooling. Our tools are designed specifically for each application and meet the finest tolerances in the industry. The elements of tooling for vaill end-forming include dies, mandrels, punches, and clamp blocks.


spare parts

Since the vaill process includes many linear movements which generate a lot of friction, some of the working parts are subject to wear over time. Depending on the power unit, hydraulic or pneumatic, the main working parts that need to be replaced over time for optimal machine performance are:

HydraulicTorrington Hydraulic Tooling

  • Ways Work Slide
  • Tube Stop Assy
  • Links
  • Pins
  • Bearings
  • Clamp Block Insert
  • Work Cylinder
  • Clamp Cylinder
  • Index Cylinder
  • Tube Stop Cylinder


In addition to the spare parts mentioned above, the pneumatic vaill needs to replaced these working parts:

  • Toggle Links and Pins
  • Toggle Anchor
  • Clamp Slide
  • Clamp Block Wear Plate