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Tooling & Spare Parts

Swaging ToolsTooling

Torrington Forming Machinery’s swaging technologies rely on a dedicated design of the tooling. Our tools are designed specifically for each application and meet the finest tolerances in the industry. The elements of tooling for swagers include swaging dies, mandrels and inside stops. Carbide dies are available for even longer life. Torrington machines are built to allow die change within a few minutes.

Spare Parts

Since the swaging is a hammering process, some of the working parts are subject to wear over time. The main working parts that need to be replaced over time for optimal machine performance are

Swager Tooling & Spare Parts

  • Backers
  • Backer Bolts
  • Backer Caps
  • Bottom Liner Plate
  • Inside Ring
  • Rolls
  • Roll Rack
  • Side Liner Plates

These spare parts have a short delivery time because Torrington Forming Machinery refreshes its stock on a daily basis.