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Stationary-Spindle Swager


Torrington’s stationary spindle swaging machines offer infinite possiblities in cold or hot forming of cross sectional shapes on tubing and solid bars. Parts swaged on the stationary spindle machine include fluted screwdriver points, rectangular soldering iron tips, gun drills, flexible shaft ends, punches, and shaped tubing for special applications, The machine may also be used for compacting material in tubing of other cross sections than round.


The dies in the stationary spindle machine have the same radial reciprocating action as in the Torrington rotary machines. However, they do not rotate about the work and there is no rotation of the part being swaged. Rather, the head rotates and drives the roll rack while the spindle and forming parts stay fixed. Adjustments for die opening and blow are the same as on the Torrington rotary machines.

Three or four die machines are available to accommodate the shape of the part to be produced. The machine can be converted to and from three to four dies simply by changing the machine spindle.

In addition to changing cross sectional configurations, the stationary spindle machine can reduce any given shape to the same shape with a smaller cross sectional area, or can achieve a smooth transition from one shape to another, for example round to square. The swaging operation can be performed either on the ends of the work or along its entire length.


Operation of the Torrington stationary spindle swaging machine is similar to that of the regular rotary swagers.

Here are the standard models of stationary-spindle swagers

The animation below shows the principle of operation of a stationary-spindle swager.

The following parts are only a few examples of what can be made with the stationary spindle swager