Seeking perfection in metal forming
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Rotary Swager

The rotary swager, one of Torrington Forming Machinery’s creations, is used for metal forming by reducing the cross section of bars or tubes. Torrington Forming Machinery offers a wide variety of rotary swagers to accommodate various diameters.

The animation  below shows the principle of operation of a classical rotary swager. The motorized spindle is slotted in order to hold the backers and the dies. The spindle passes the backers over the rollers, thus delivering a blow to the dies. In the rotary swaging process, the head is fixed.

The dies close over the work piece and form the material. When the backers are between two roll positions, the centrifugal forces will move them apart, making it possible for the dies to open while rotating around the workpiece. The machine can have 2 or 4 dies and can be adapted to swage cold or hot material.

Here are the standard models of rotary swagers: Download specs sheet pdf-icon-png-pdf-zum-download-2

The rotary swaging can be used in multiple applications:

  • Reduction, multiple reduction and bullet nose
  • Internal forming of splines, controlled internal diameters
  • Mechanical assemblies where a material has to be assembled inside a tube such as thermocouples and heating elements
  • Micro mechanics such as textile needles and medical accessories.