Seeking perfection in metal forming
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A new and unique method of metal forming has been developed by Torrington Forming Machinery: the push-pull method, applicable to tubes only. The particularity of this method is that there is no clamp block. It is a great advantage over the Vaill end-forming machines because it eliminates the restrictions of the traditional pushing method, where the forming force is limited by the value of the gripping force of the clamp block. Most of the time, the push-pull method is used on multi-station production lines as seen in the pictures below.


The push-pull method has been developed primarly for the automotive industry. It is mainly used to perform outside and internal splines with unparalleled precision. The majority of the parts made on push-pull production lines are steering column systems and blanks for 4 clutch transmission shafts. The pictures below illustrates the main finished product made with the push-pull method.


If you are searching for ways to improve efficiency and cut production costs while achieving greater precision with unfailing consistency, the push-pull method is the answer. One of the key advantages of the push pull system is that all the forming stations can be modified to accommodate the needs of any particular kind of work. It makes the push pull extremely flexible and versatile.