Seeking perfection in metal forming
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Cold forming process advantages

The cold forming techniques offer a lot of advantages in the production of high precision components. The know-how of Torrington Forming Machinery allows the optimisation of these processes.

The methods of forming are very quick, repetitive and easy to set up, on the contrary to machining, hydroforming or other technologies. There is no material loss, because these methods do not produce any chips and the entire starting material is converted into a finished product. The parts can be formed inside and outside simultaneously. Tolerances of 0.02 mm can be maintained on interior and exterior diameters. In contrast to machining, cold forming can improve the tensile strength and hardness of the material. The compressing of the material during the forming improves the surface finish.

Torrington Forming machinery offers a variety of machines for three different kind of cold forming:

The biggest North-American car manufacturers and ancillary industries trust our company when it comes to cold forming. Millions of cars have profited from the Torrington Forming Machinery developed forming technologies, from steering columns and transmission shafts to cooling, injection and exhaust systems.