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Automation & Systems

Torrington Forming Machinery can provide anything from a stand-alone machine to the most complex and sophisticated production line. Since Torrington Forming Machinery provides turnkey solutions fully adapted to the needs of each client, it is necessary for the systems sold to be modular.

If necessary, a system may include in addition to the machine, a feeder, a magazine and an unloader. Each of these components can be automated to various degrees if needed or specifically asked for in order to optimize the production output and accuracy of the process.

automatic machines

Automation can equip either Torrington Swager and Vaill machines to produce up to 1500 parts per hour. Engineers can also automate your existing Torrington machines if you need to increase your production outpout. Various options are tailored to equip Torrington machines depending on parts and production rate requirements.

Here are some examples of automated machines



Below is a short video of a production cell for automotive parts made of 2 swagers. It produces parts swaged on both ends with a cycle time of 8 seconds.